Rack Buddies were invented by USPSA Grandmaster, John Arenas.  With a desire to practice reloads using realistically weighted magazines for dry fire.  John also wanted to stop looking around on the floor when rounds popped out of the dropped magazines.  

John didn't want to invest extra money in polymer magazines, or training magazines that were unrealistically weighted.  Also, they are handgun specific so if he changed guns, he had to spend more money on training magazines.

The solution was a simple, inexpensive  device that could fit in every magazine.  Rack Buddies are safety orange so you still get that training indicator, but can use YOUR magazines for a real feel and real fit.

How do they work?

The Rack Buddy can be loaded into any handgun magazine that’s loaded with dummy rounds.  By removing 2 rounds there is room to fit the Rack Buddy into the magazine the same way a round is loaded.  This creates a tight fit against the feed lips preventing it from popping out.

Now you have the realistic weight of a loaded magazine, without the hassle of loading and unloading rounds.

Most guns cycle completely freely with a Rack Buddy loaded in the magazine.

By allowing the slide to cycle, the hammer is cocked without loading a dummy round or making removal of the magazine necessary.

You can also practice malfunction clearing and loading drills while using a full magazine.

During reload drills, rounds will not pop out of dropped magazines.  This means you spend less time looking for dummy rounds and more time repeating your drills!


They fit any gun!

Rack Buddies are sold in 3 sizes. 9 major, 9 Small and 40/45 caliber.  They are universal fit for all manufacturers of handgun magazines in the USPSA, IPSC, IDPA shooting sports and just about any duty weapon for law enforcement.  They will also fit most PCC magazines with the exception of Colt style magazines. 

The 9 major Rack Buddy will fit full sized guns that use MBX or STI style magazines including .38 super.

The 9 Small will fit small frame guns like CZ, Glock or M&P.      

They have a number embedded in the printing process.  9 is for 9 major and 40 is for .40 or .45 caliber, and S is for 9 Small. 

9small_blk back _ small

Added level of security.

No loaded ammunition of any kind should be within reach during dry fire.   However, in the event loaded rounds find their way into your magazine, a Rack Buddy installed will ensure the don't find their way into your chamber.